Wrestling Match of the Year: Burroughs vs. Dake

Recently, the United States held their World Team Trials for wrestling.  This is the premier competition in American wrestling, and it determines who will represent the country at the World Championships.  There is only one spot for each weight class, which means that competition is incredibly fierce.  Most wrestlers train their whole lives for this event.  Every wrestler in the tournament is competing for their dream, and ultimately to have a shot at becoming a world champion. 

In what was undoubtedly the most highly anticipated match up of the tournament, Jordan Burroughs took on Kyle Dake.  Burroughs is the Olympic champion and arguably the best pound for pound wrestler in the world right now.  Kyle Dake just made history as one of the greatest collegiate wrestlers of all time.   Burroughs was considered the favorite, but it is hard to ever count out a competitor like Kyle Dake. 

Check out the complete match below.  This is what the sport of wrestling is all about.  These are two of the most well conditioned and explosive athletes on the planet.  No one will back down, but only one man can win.

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