How To Achieve Your Greatness In Life

The Founder and Leader of Evolve MMA, Chatri Sityodtong, was recently invited to give a speech for TEDx at Singapore Management University.  In his incredibly inspiring speech, Chatri explains why martial arts are truly the greatest platform in the world for unleashing human potential.  He talks about his many failures and shortcomings in life and how, through the power of martial arts, he has been able to overcome these failures and realize his dreams.  It is a story that applies to all people from all walks of life.  It is about the power of martial arts.  Embrace martial arts as a lifestyle, and you will achieve greatness in your life.

Check out Chatri’s complete TEDx speech below.  If you are inspired by his words, please share them with others.  As we approach the holiday season, why not give someone a gift that will truly transform their lives, the gift of martial arts.

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