The Art of Muay Thai: Sakmongkol vs. Jongsanan

If you have never seen any high level professional Muay Thai fights before, this legendary battle between Sakmongkol Sithchuchok and Jongsanan Fairtex is the place to start.  These two warriors exemplify what the art of Muay Thai is all about.  Their technique is beautiful and their hearts are unmatched. 

This fight is one of the most legendary in Muay Thai history, and after watching it, you will certainly understand why.  Some Muay Thai fans simply refer to it as “The Elbow Fight”.  After watching the 2nd round of the fight, this name makes a lot of sense.  It is a complete war, and a true testament to the power of the human spirit.  So no matter your relationship with Muay Thai or martial arts, sit back and enjoy this fight in its entirety.  You are guaranteed to be inspired.

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