Evolve Competition Team Try Outs Results

Over the weekend, Evolve MMA hosted the try outs for the Evolve Competition Team, the official amateur team for Evolve MMA.  As expected, the try outs were very well attended and extremely competitive.  All of the students that attended were put through a tough training session during which the Evolve MMA instructors evaluated their skills.

After careful evaluation and discussion among the Evolve instructors, a final list has been compiled of those who have been selected to join the respective competition teams. 

Yet, before we announce the list, let us first extend a big congratulations to every student that showed up to the try outs.  Although not everyone made the team, every student that had the courage to put his or her skills to the test deserves the utmost respect.  We are very proud to have you as part of the Evolve Family.  If you did not make the team, do not be discouraged.  Be motivated.  Many students that were not selected at the first round of try outs earlier this year came back this weekend and made the team.  So regardless of whether or not you made the team, continue to push yourself every day in training.  We are already looking forward to the next round of try outs!

Below is the list of selections for the Evolve Muay Thai, BJJ, and MMA Competition Teams.


Jurgen de Lange
Luke Kwan
Hong Shaoming
Lee Chuan Yaw
Asraf Asuir
Shane Mardiuki
Shawn Tay


Aacus Ee
Colin Slider
Julian Wang
Don Thompson
Radin Zulkifli
Morwenna McLean
Lee Chuan Yaw

Muay Thai

Gan Jiang Wen
Richard Yang
Derrick Foo
Emma McGuiness
Darren Beck

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