UFC 161 Extended Preview: Henderson vs. Evans

This weekend at UFC 161 two legends of the light heavyweight division will clash in what could serve as a turning point in either one of their careers.  Dan Henderson and Rashad Evans are both highly decorated, former world champions, and they are both coming off very disappointing losses.  The winner of this fight puts themselves right back into title contention, while the loser will need to take a serious reevaluation of their future in the UFC light heavyweight division.  It is likely that each of their high level wrestling backgrounds will nullify each other, which means it will be decided standing. 

Making the trip to Canada to corner Henderson will be Evolve MMA’s Heath Sims.  Heath is a lifelong friend and training partner of Henderson, and he has served as cornerman for Henderson’s entire career.  Good luck to Heath and Dan this weekend!

Check out the extended preview for UFC 161 below.

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