The DNA of GSP

Georges St-Pierre is arguably the best pound for pound mixed martial artist in the world.  His style of fighting and approach to the sport embodies the future of mixed martial arts.  He is highly proficient in all disciplines with seemingly no holes in his game.  As opposed to the early days of the sport when almost every fighter was specialized in a single discipline, GSP is specialized in being well rounded.  He lives a martial artist lifestyle in constant pursuit of perfection inside the cage.

As UFC Welterweight Champion, GSP has looked nearly unstoppable, defeating challenger after challenger.  His dominance of the welterweight division has led many fans to call for a superfight with middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva.  While there is no telling exactly what the future will hold for GSP, it is certain he will go down as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of his era.

Recently, an all access documentary looking deep inside the mind of GSP was released.  For anyone with an interest in MMA this is an absolute must watch.  The documentary is titled “The DNA of GSP”, and it provides a unique perspective on the life of GSP.  Check out the awesome trailer for the documentary below and make plans to watch the complete film as soon as possible.

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