Jon Jones: Moving Up the Ranks

The rapid rise of Jon Jones from martial arts obscurity to international superstardom has been truly sensational.  Jones made his professional MMA debut in April of 2008, and after rallying off 6 straight wins in a period of 4 months was called up to the UFC in August of 2008.  After winning his UFC debut by unanimous decision, Jones has gone on what is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable and dominant runs in the history of MMA.  In less than 3 years he won the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship and in doing so became the youngest champion in UFC history.  He has since defended his title 4 times.  To say that Jon Jones has had an incredible 4 years is a vast understatement.  His meteoric rise to the top of the MMA world is unprecedented, and at the age of 25 he is just getting started.

Jon Jones will next step into the UFC Octagon on April 27th against Chael Sonnen.  In the meantime check out this awesome highlight video released by the UFC, which chronicles Jones’s incredible journey to the top.

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