Big Announcements From ONE FC!

The past couple of days have been exciting ones in the world of Asian MMA.  After two very big announcements in the last 48 hours, it is safe to say that ONE FC is still steadily on its path to making MMA the biggest sport in all of Asia.  The future looks brighter than it ever has.

In their ongoing quest to forge partnerships with all of the major promotions in Asia, ONE FC announced on Wednesday that they have formed an exclusive partnership with Glory Sports International.  Under the new agreement all GLORY MMA fighters, which includes the Japanese MMA promotion DREAM, will join the ever-expanding ONE FC Network.  Currently, the ONE FC Network holds a 90%+ market share of Asian MMA.  The addition of GLORY is yet another big step forward in the rise of ONE FC and Asian MMA.

Following up on the GLORY partnership announcement on Wednesday, earlier today ONE FC announced that their next event will be on February 2nd at the Putra Indoor Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Although they have not yet released the fight card, the venue is configured to hold up to 15,000 fans.  It is going to be another huge event!

We can expect further announcements and details from ONE FC at their next press conference in December.  Stay tuned and congratulations to ONE FC!

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