Dreams Do Come True

Today UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos will be living out his dream. From the favelas of Brazil to international superstardom on the grandest stage of mixed martial arts in the world, the story of Junior Dos Santos is one of hope and inspiration. Yet, while all eyes will be on Junior as he defends his title against Frank Mir this weekend, there will be another equally inspiring story sitting in the arena with wide eyes living out his dream. Remarkably, amidst all the chaos and preparation for his title defense, Junior Dos Santos has taken the time to help another little boy live out his dream. Nine year old Breno is a local boy from the same favelas that Junior has risen from. Like many children from this area, Breno has found refuge from the trouble that lurks in every corner of these favelas by making the gym his home away from home. Now, in a situation that many children couldn’t imagine in their wildest dreams, Breno will be sitting ringside as Junior’s VIP guest at UFC 146 in Las Vegas. Check out this incredibly inspiring and heart warming story of Junior and Breno below. This is what the sport of mixed martial arts is all about.


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