Incredible UFC 151 Trailer: Jones vs. Hendo

Although it is still a long way off until UFC 151, it is never too early for a trailer like this one.  The young champ and new face of the UFC, Jon Jones, is slated to defend his title against true MMA legend Dan Henderson on September 1st.  While Jones may very well be the future of the sport, Henderson is one of the most decorated fighters in the history of the sport.  Henderson is a former two division Pride Champion and Strikeforce Champion, and he is now looking to add one final belt to his collection and cap off what could go down as one of the greatest careers of all time.  A lot can happen between now and September, but this trailer will definitely have you counting down the days.  Need a quick boost of motivation to start off your day or get you to the gym?  Check out this video, and you will be on your way.

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