The Fastest KO in UFC History

Following Jung “The Korean Zombie” Chan-Sung’s remarkable 6.2 second knockout of Mark Hominick at UFC 140, the MMA rumor mills sparked a debate over who could lay claim to the title of “The Fastest Knockout in UFC History”. Courtesy of the UFC production analysts all rumors can now be put to rest. In a highly technical video analysis it was concluded that although The Korean Zombie’s 6.2 seconds was fast, Duane “Bang” Ludwig’s knockout of Jonathan Goulet was faster, 0.14 seconds faster. Here it is:

Although this is certainly a fun bit of trivia, the idea of fastest knockout also raises some other very fascinating points about the sport of MMA. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! This phrase is thrown around in all sports, but in no sport is it as true as in MMA. There is no such thing as an easy fight, and no room for error. In sports like football or baseball, athletes can afford to make mistakes (in baseball they call them errors), sometimes huge mistakes and recover. In MMA, athletes are very rarely afforded such a luxury. Every single time a fighter steps into the cage he must exhibit razor sharp focus from bell to bell or risk suffering the fate of Mark Hominick and Jonathan Goulet. Mark Hominick was the heavy favorite coming into his bout against Jung, having just lost a championship fight to Jose Aldo, a highly competitive fight that saw the young Brazilian Champion challenged for the first time in his career. Yet, as this sport is so fond of reminding us past performance means very little once the cage doors slam shut. Mark Hominick made the smallest of mistakes, The Korean Zombie capitalized, and the lights went out. This is what makes MMA such a great sport, such an exciting sport, such a unique sport. When the fans sit down to watch a fight, they know not to blink or they may miss the fireworks. There is no sport as electrifying and explosive in the world.

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