Recommended Reading

“When you have mastered the practice of the science of martial arts, there will be nothing you do not see” –Miyamoto Musashi

Mixed martial arts requires not just intense physical training, but also intense training of the mind. Through martial arts one can find a great deal of philosophical applications to life. Whether one trains to be a champion or simply as a hobby there is no doubt that the lessons learned through martial arts are applicable to all aspects of life. For those who are interested in digging deeper into the philosophical aspects of martial arts and how it can be applied to being successful in life there is a great deal of literature dedicated to the subject. A great place to start is the martial arts classic The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi.

Written in the 17th century by one of Japan’s legendary samurai swordsman The Book of Five Rings provides short, concise insights on overcoming conflict and achieving victory in battle. These lessons are applicable not just to martial arts but to everyday interactions. In many business schools around the world this book has become an underground classic. For those who are currently studying a martial art or those who are wondering if they should start this is a great book to help understand how the practice of martial arts can be used to achieve greatness in anything.

“No warrior should be willing to die with his swords at his side, without having made use of his tools.” –Miyamoto Musashi

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