The Intensity of Training

Ever wonder what it takes to become a UFC World Champion?  Most people only get to see the champions in their glory, winning fights inside the Octagon, the photo shoots, the interviews, and the celebrations.  The reality, however, is something much different.  What most people rarely get to see is the sacrifice, discipline, and unimaginable levels of hard work that goes on behind the scenes in the life of a championship fighter.  There is very little glamour in training.  It is a grind, and there are no shortcuts on the road to becoming a mixed martial arts world champion.

At UFC 169, teammates Jose Aldo and Renan Barao once again defended their UFC World Championship titles.  It was a glorious day for them both.  Yet, in the 8 weeks leading up to UFC 169, their lives were nothing but hard work.  The intensity of their training camps is what enables them to consistently succeed on the highest levels of the sport.  They outwork their opponents.  Check out this awesome video, which gives an inside look at the brutal training regimes of Barao and Aldo.  This is what it takes to become a UFC World Champion.

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