Benedict Ang Finds His Future at Evolve MMA

Benedict Ang is the newest and youngest member of the Evolve Fight Team.  He arrived at Evolve MMA three years ago with no martial arts experience, and he embarked on a life changing and inspiring journey. Through Benedict’s steadfast dedication and work ethic under the guidance of Evolve MMA’s World Champion Instructor Team he has quickly established himself as one of Singapore’s brightest MMA prospects.  At just 17 years of age, it is safe to say that Benedict has a long and bright future ahead as a professional mixed martial artist.  This was not always the case for Benedict. In fact, before joining Evolve MMA in 2011, Benedict was headed in a negative direction and his life was a mess.  In the words of Benedict, “Martial arts have been my saviour.  Evolve MMA is like my extended family, and it has given me the inspiration to chase my dreams and achieve greatness.”
At 15 years of age, Benedict Ang suffered the greatest tragedy of his life.  He woke up one morning to discover that his mother had suddenly passed away overnight.  There were no warning signs.  At first, he was in a state of shock and disbelief.  He could not believe what was happening.  In the blink of an eye, his world had been turned upside down.  He felt helpless, lost, confused, and it all began to manifest itself in a form of anger.  He was angry at the world.  He lost interest in school, and he started channeling his anger into negativity.  All of his relationships began to suffer, and he was constantly getting into fights.  Benedict saw himself going down the wrong path, but he just couldn’t find the way to get himself back on track. 

“I was filled with anger and frustration when my mother passed.  I lost motivation, and I started lashing out at those around me.  It was a really hard time in my life, and I didn’t know how I was going to get through it,” commented Benedict.
Then one fateful day Benedict stumbled across a video of the Evolve Fight Team’s Radeem Rahman’s first professional fight at ONE Fighting Championship.  Something clicked inside Benedict that day, and he was instantly drawn in to the sport of mixed martial arts.  The next day he went to check out Evolve MMA, and he was completely blown away by what he saw.  All of the sudden he saw a future, he felt like he was no longer lost.  He thought back to his days of obsessing over his favorite anime show Dragon Ball Z, and he envisioned himself becoming a real life Super Saiyan.  His soul had been ignited with a new sense of passion, and he felt alive for the first time since his Mother’s death.
In December of 2011, Benedict joined Evolve MMA.  He wasted no time in getting acclimated, and jumped right into every class across every discipline.  He learned Muay Thai under the guidance of World Champion’s like Attachai Fairtex, Muangfalek Kiatvichian, Chaowalith Jockey Gym, and Papa Daorung.  He tirelessly picked BJJ World Champion Leandro Issa’s brain about the finer points of grappling.  He started learning wrestling from Olympian Heath Sims.  There was so much to learn, and he could not get enough.  As Benedict will tell you, “There is so much knowledge and inspiration within the walls of Evolve MMA. It is impossible to train there and not have some of it rub off on you.  Every one there is united by a common mission to achieve greatness within.”

Benedict Ang with Muay Thai World Champions Muangfalek Kiatvichian and Attachai Fairtex.

Then Benedict got the opportunity to attend his first live mixed martial arts competition at ONE FC: War of the Lions.  He watched his idol and mentor from the Evolve Fight Team, Eddie Ng, win by TKO that night.  “I was inspired by Eddie’s performance.  It gave me hope and the inspiration I needed to change my life,” said Benedict about this pivotal moment.  This marked then next turning point in Benedict’s journey.  Through training at Evolve MMA he had found his path.  He was no longer getting into fights, his relationships were restored, and his schoolwork was better than ever.  He decided that night that he wanted to become a professional MMA fighter, and he began living his life as a true martial artist.  He had found his focus, determination, confidence, and discipline through martial arts.  Everything in Benedict’s life had improved since beginning martial arts, and he decided to dedicate himself to achieving his greatness.

Benedict Ang with his MMA hero, Eddie Ng.

In 2013, Benedict successfully tried out for the Evolve MMA Competition Team.  He then strung together 3 amateur MMA victories, and in doing so established himself as one of Singapore’s brightest MMA prospects.  Recently, his hard work and dedication was rewarded when he was invited to join the Evolve Fight Team, Asia’s number one professional fight team.  Benedict is now firmly on track to become a professional mixed martial artist representing Evolve MMA.  The rest of his life is also on track.  He is a role model for young students at Evolve MMA, and he embodies all the values of a true martial artist.  We are extremely proud of Benedict, and we are excited to see him continue on his martial arts journey.  The future is now brighter than ever. 
"Benedict earned his spot on the Evolve Fight Team through his incredible work ethic and dedication.  It has been a pleasure to coach him and watch him grow as a martial artist over the past couple of years.  He improves every day in training and the results have shown when he competes.  I am really excited to have Benedict as a member of the Evolve Fight Team.  He is a very talented young kid, and I believe he will prove himself to be one of the best fighters to come out of Singapore," said Evolve Fight Team Head Coach Heath Sims.

"As part of the Evolve Fight Team, Benedict will receive the Evolve Lifetime Scholarship.  There is really no better opportunity for a professional fighter.  In addition to his training at the Fighter's Program, Benedict is given full access to all of the classes at all of our locations.  He has the opportunity to train at almost any time he wants.  Evolve will also manage his career to ensure that he makes the right choices and decisions for his future.  It is a complete package, and it gives Benedict every opportunity he needs to achieve his dreams," added Coach Heath Sims.

Benedict wins his amateur MMA debut.

Here is what Benedict had to say about his martial arts journey:

“Through martial arts at Evolve MMA I have changed my life.  I am performing better in school and I haven’t been in a single fight since I started training MMA.  I am so grateful for all that Evolve MMA has given me.  Chatri Sityodtong, Heath Sims, Eddie Ng, and all of the other instructors have inspired me to reach my potential and become a better person.  My dream is to become a mixed martial arts World Champion.”

Some members of the Evolve Fight Team celebrate a birthday after training.

Check out Benedict's Student of the Month video from April of 2013 below.

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