Bernard Hopkins Defies Age...Again

Age is just a number.  Think this is nothing more than an overused cliché?  Then maybe you should ask Bernard Hopkins.  Bernard Hopkins has proved time and time again that age is in fact just a number.  He simply defies what many believe to be the natural order of things, the natural aging process that we as human beings all go through. 

On March 9th, 2013 Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins defeated Tavoris Cloud to become the IBF Light Heavyweight World Champion.  He is 48 years old.  He made his professional boxing debut, which he lost, nearly 25 years ago.  Bernard Hopkins is now the oldest man in the history of boxing to win a major world title.  It is a truly remarkable and inspirational story. 

Let us all take a moment to tip our hats to Bernard Hopkins for showing the world that it is true.  Age is just a number.  Keeping pushing yourself to new limits every day.  Never stop evolving.  It is never too late to start chasing your dreams.

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