The Greatest MMA Documentary Ever Made

If you have never seen the MMA documentary Choke, you are missing out on what is one of the most fascinating portrayals of the sport ever put to the screen.  The film was shot in 1995, back when the sport of MMA lived in relative obscurity.  Featured in the film is none other than BJJ and MMA legend Rickson Gracie.  Rickson, along with three other fighters, are followed as they prepare for the Vale Tudo Japan tournament.  The tournament featured 8 fighters with no weight classes, and all of the fights were fought in a single night.  In order to win, Rickson would have to win 3 fights in a single night.  The documentary ends with one winner left standing.

Check out this awesome documentary in its entirety below.  It is a truly entertaining watch, and an excellent view into the origins of modern day MMA.  These guys were the pioneers of the sport, and they paved the way for all future generations of mixed martial artists.

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