Takedown Mobility Drill

This weekend at UFC 158, the power of the takedown was put on full display.  Plain and simple, if you don’t have a solid takedown and takedown defense in your arsenal, you are at a huge disadvantage.  In the fight of the night, Johny Hendricks used his takedown to control the exchanges and negate any offensive momentum mounted by Carlos Condit.  Every time Condit started to get the better of a striking exchange, Hendricks exploded in for a takedown and stopped Condit dead in his tracks.  The very same can be said of GSP’s fight against Nick Diaz.  GSP used his takedown to completely control the pace and momentum of the fight, never allowing Diaz to find his rhythm.  Whether you like it or not, takedowns are one of the most powerful weapons in MMA.  Just the threat of a takedown, can completely take a fighter out of his game.  UFC 158 proved this.

So let’s get started on developing our takedowns.  The first and most important step is to start drilling.  Drill double leg takedowns until you can do no more, and then drill some more.  When you aren’t drilling your takedowns, give this excellent takedown mobility drill a try.  Courtesy of Steve Maxwell, this drill is designed to improve the effectiveness of your takedown.  Steve Maxwell is one of the industry leaders in martial arts fitness.  He is also a BJJ black belt and a 3 time Senior BJJ World Champion.  In other words, he knows what he is talking about. 

Check out Steve’s video below, and get started on developing your GSP level MMA takedown.

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