Fighters to Watch in 2013: Bruno Pucci

Evolve Fight Team member, Bruno Pucci, was recently featured by Combat Asia as one of the top “Fighters to Watch in 2013”.  If you don’t yet know Bruno, you certainly will very soon.  He is one of the brightest young prospects in Asian MMA, and he will be looking to make his ONE FC debut in 2013.  Although just 22 years old, Bruno is already a No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and off to a perfect 2-0 start to his MMA career.  He is now bringing his game to the next level at Evolve MMA, training under legendary MMA coach Heath Sims and the world famous Evolve Muay Thai Instructor Team. 

Check out the write up by Combat Asia below.  Be sure to click through to the Combat Asia website to finish the article and check out the video of one of Bruno’s earlier fights.

Fighters to Watch in 2013…Bruno Pucci

Sometimes BJJ practitioners struggle to make the transition to MMA but that has not been the case with Bruno Pucci. The 22 year old already has two quickfire submission wins to his name and a background in no gi grappling and wrestling looks set to serve him well as he prepares to resume his competitive career in Asia.
The Brazilian won gold at the World No-Gi Jiu Jitsu championship in 2009 and 2010 and is also two times Brazilian National Jiu Jitsu Championship. He moved to Singapore to join the Evolve MMA Fight Team towards the end of 2012 and is likely to be competing for promotions within the ONE FC Network this year.
A BJJ black belt does not necessarily guarantee a fighter will be able to make a big impression fighting in Asia, both Gregor and Igor Gracie have lost fights to local fighters recently. Pucci should have less of a problem making the sort of adjustments necessary to go from submitting opponents in grappling matches to tapping them out in the cage because he already has extensive experience competing without the Gi and also twice finished third at the Brazilian National Wrestling Championship as a teenager….Click here to continue reading

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