Best of Muay Thai 2012 (video)

Whether you are a life long Muay Thai enthusiast or a complete newcomer to the sport, you will enjoy this amazing highlight video of spectacular KO’s from 2012.  It is a 17-minute compilation of some of the best knockouts of the year at Rajadamnern and Lumpini Stadiums in Thailand.  These two stadiums are the epicenter of Muay Thai around the world.  There is no higher level than Lumpini and Rajadamnern, and no greater honor in the sport than holding the belt at these stadiums.  This is where the very best Muay Thai fighters in the history of the sport have earned their legend.

It was not long ago that many of Evolve MMA’s World Champion Muay Thai Instructors ruled over these stadiums, winning multiple belts and legendary status.  Watching this video is a spectacular reminder of just how lucky we are to have them at Evolve MMA, and the honor it is to learn from them.  After you watch the video, take a few moments to look through the Evolve instructors’ profiles here. 

This video gives perfect meaning to the Muay Thai moniker “The Art of 8 Limbs”.  All 8 (punches, elbows, knees, kicks) are used in devastating fashion.

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