Inspiration: The Story of Papa Rich

"I plan to do things I have never done before." – Papa Rich Wee, Evolve Student

Congratulations to “Papa” Richard Wee on winning the bi-weekly Evolve Anniversary Contest!  For anyone who ever thought they were too old to start training in martial arts, the story of Papa Rich’s journey will quickly set you straight.  No matter your age, experience, or condition there is a place for you in martial arts.  Invest the time to read and think about what Papa Rich has to say.  His story will inspire your life.  Here it is:

“And what are you going to do when you retire?” my wife asked me when I told her about my plans. 

“I plan to do things I have never done before”. 

For thirty-one years, I worked as an executive in several multi-national corporations. I traveled to many countries. Inadvertently, I gained weight and size. Further, I have ‘life-style’ related issues too. I also have a painful lower back problem. 

I really need to keep fit and healthy otherwise my retirement nest will go directly to medical treatment. 

With this in mind, I looked at several activities that will improve my fitness and health levels. 

Coincidentally, my youngest daughter, Randee wanted to learn martial arts at Evolve MMA. I initially objected but went along to see the academy for myself. I met Prof Gordinho, a BJJ instructor. He was not what I expect a world champion would be. He was friendly, humble, respectful and helpful. So, we decided to go for a trial even though I have never done any martial arts before. Still, after the trial, we decided to take up martial arts. 

My retirement life has since changed dramatically. READ MORE…

Like what you have read so far?  Head on over to the Evolve Anniversary Contest site to read the rest.  Papa Rich does an incredible job of breaking down what martial arts has taught him and what it can also teach you. 

If you haven’t yet shared your story, we encourage you to do so now.  Join us in spreading the power of martial arts to the world!

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