Preparation for the 2012 Olympic Summer Games

Right about now elite athletes from around the world are narrowing their focus and bearing down on their final stretch of training to qualify for the 2012 London Summer Olympics. For many of these athletes qualifying for the Olympics and winning gold is the pinnacle of achievement in their sport. There are no professional leagues or multi-million dollar contracts in their future. Their pursuit is much more pure, they are chasing a lifelong dream for love of their sport, for love of competition. The sacrifices these athletes make along the way are unimaginable to most, and the reality is most of them will get only one shot at ultimate glory. Very few will make it to a second Olympic games, a fact that everyone competing is well aware of. In the Olympics all it takes is one stumble and lifelong dreams are shattered, but this is what makes the Olympics games so intriguing. Rarely will you see athletes compete with such a focused intensity and a true all or nothing mentality.

One of the greatest examples of this is Olympic Wrestling. For these athletes there is nothing beyond the Olympics, it is the final rung on the ladder of competitive wrestling. After the Olympic games there is no professional wrestling league. Most Olympic wrestlers will go on to become coaches of their sport or in a more recent trend enter the world of MMA. With the rise of professional MMA as a legitimate and potentially lucrative career, these athletes now have an avenue to continue their competitive careers. Although there is quite a bit of transition necessary, wrestlers much like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champions have proven to be quite adept at doing so. Check out the inspirational video below, which follows the lives of a group of wrestlers as they prepare to chase down their dreams at the 2012 Olympic Games. The intensity and passion in these men's eyes is the embodiment of what it takes to become a champion in any mixed martial art. Get excited to see these warriors compete this summer, but also get ready to see some serious athletes transitioning into MMA post Olympics.

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