Muay Thai: The Most Effective Striking Art

The "truth" of martial arts came to light with the birth of the UFC in 1993. Before the UFC, anyone could claim that their martial art was the most effective in real life hand-to-hand combat. There were plenty of paper tigers hiding behind a black belt and fancy pajamas from various martial arts. Today, after almost 20 years of no-holds barred competition with very little rules, it has been proven that the most effective combination of martial arts in MMA is Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and Boxing.  Muay Thai is known unquestionably as the most effective striking art in the world by professional fighters, fight experts, and self-defense gurus, bar none. Some of the greatest MMA World Champions and legends in history have Muay Thai as their base: Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, Alistair Overeem, Mauricio Shogun Rua, Cris Cyborg, and Wanderlei Silva to name a few. Almost every professional MMA fighter uses Muay Thai as his/her base for striking because of its real-life effectiveness.

At Evolve MMA, our core founding principle is to teach only what works in real life.  All of our techniques are battle-tested, ring-proven, and street-certified.  There is no fluff at Evolve MMA.  We bring in the world's top instructors and world champions to teach you reality.  After 1 year of training at Evolve MMA, you should be able to defend yourself in 95% of self-defense situations.

Here is a video clip featuring the art of Muay Thai in the sport of MMA.  Enjoy!

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