Team Evolve wins at UFC 103!

Rafael Dos Anjos, a member of the official Evolve Fight Team, secured a unanimous decision victory against Rob Emerson at UFC 103. Gordinho's older brother, Gordo (head of Evolve Brazil), cornered Dos Anjos for the fight.

Here is a detailed play-by-play (Courtesy of

Round 1

Dos Anjos, from a southpaw stance, lands a nice leg kick to open the fight. He shoots but Emerson defends well and gets back to the center to the cage. Emerson fighting more of a counter-striking style while dos Anjos is initiating more of the action. Dos Anjos lands a nice left hook to the jaw of Emerson but he shakes it off. Emerson defends another shot by pushing dos Anjos head down and retreating from danger. Dos Anjos is in on a single but Emerson grabs a whizzer trying to stave off the attempt but this time dos Anjos gets it. With only a few seconds left in the round, dos Anjos grounds and pounds to the bell. scores the round 10-9 for dos Anjos.

Round 2

Dos Anjos kicking to the legs of Emerson, they are starting to take a toll. Emerson finally checks a kick and lands a straight right hand and another. Emerson has found an effective attack and scores with yet another right. Dos Anjos shoots but Emerson defends. Emerson defends another takedown, dos Anjos ducked under a right hand but Emerson sprawled. A big inside leg kick to Emerson’s lead left leg from dos Anjos backs up the Californian. Dos Anjos presses him against the cage as the 10-second warning sounds. scores the round 10-9 for dos Anjos.

Round 3

After a brief exchange to start the third dos Anjos gets in deep on a shot. Emerson sprawls but he cannot defend and is pulled to the canvas along the cage. Dos Anjos tries to take his back and gets a hook in before attempting a choke that Emerson defends by turning back into him. Emerson gets his guard back but dos Anjos is dropping punches and elbows from the top. Emerson pushes dos Anjos back with his legs and tries to stand but the Brazilian dives back into his guard before passing to half and then side-control. Emerson escapes back to his feet but dos Anjos grabs double underhooks and presses him against the cage. Emerson frees himself from dos Anjos’ clutches but finds himself on the receiving end of yet another brutal inside leg-kick. An exhausted Emerson is throwing single right hands looking for the finish but dos Anjos keeps landing the inside leg-kick to Emerson’s lead leg before circling away. The round comes to a close with Emerson still chasing the elusive dos Anjos. scores the round 10-9 dos Anjos.

All three official judges score it 30-27 for dos Anjos, who takes the unanimous decision.