ONE FC CEO Victor Cui Interview with Sherdog

If you haven’t yet had a chance to read ONE FC head honcho Victor Cui’s most recent interview with Sherdog, you’ll want to do so now.  Sherdog is one of the premier MMA news sites in the entire world, and the feature on Victor Cui is an indication of just how big ONE FC and Asian MMA has become.  In the very informative interview, Cui lays out the future of ONE FC and reveals some HUGE plans for the year 2014.  2013 has been a great year and things are moving fast, but it looks like in 2014 it will reach a whole new level.  This is going to be an exciting ride to say the least.

When asked about the biggest obstacles facing ONE FC at the moment, Victor Cui had this to say:

“The biggest challenge we face now, even though our company is only 19 months old, is that because we have grown so fast, the size of our events keep growing; our last event in Manila was in a 20,000-seat stadium -- the biggest venue in most cities of Asia,” he added. “We can no longer have events in a 5,000-seat ballroom -- our fans are too big -- so the size of the venue is becoming restrictive and, quite often, the venues that have the capacity we need are away from the city center. It’s kind of a continuous, moving jigsaw puzzle in each country, and we’ve learned to be flexible. Asia is a great place for MMA because of its explosive growth and the many opportunities.”

For the rest of the interview simply click here.

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