Train Like a Fighter

If you have ever taken a FightShape class at Evolve MMA, then the below work out performed by UFC interim welterweight champion, Carlos Condit, will look very familiar.  It is not performed in a traditional gym and there are no barbells, dumbbells, or heavy weights involved.  For athletes, and mixed martial artists in particular, a traditional body building work out will do very little to improve your performance.  Bicep curls will give you aesthetically pleasing biceps, but they won’t do anything for your martial arts game.  In order to improve athletic performance you must focus on more functional strength training. 

At Evolve MMA, our FightShape program follows a very specific and proven formula for improving athletic performance.  It will also help reduce the risk of injury, which means you can spend more time training in martial arts with less aches and pains.  The program begins with a lengthy warm up that includes myofascial release followed by static and dynamic stretching.  We then move into muscle activation, which fires up all those muscles that have been shut off due to inactivity.  This is particularly important for those who have been sitting at a desk all day.  Once your body is warmed up and ready to go, the program moves into functional circuit training.  This includes fully body exercises that simulate the type of movements that are used in the practice of martial arts.  Think kettle bells, battle ropes, and body weight exercises.  In an hour or less your body should be completely exhausted.  Any time over an hour spent on strength training is too much and would be better spent training in your actual sport. 

To get an idea of how an elite level fighter trains check out the below video of Carlos Condit preparing for his upcoming fight with Georges St. Pierre.  If you want to become a better mixed martial artist you need to train like one.  Training like a bodybuilder will do you more harm than good.  If you have the opportunity, be sure to try out a FightShape class at Evolve MMA.  FightShape is designed to complement martial arts training and improve athletic performance.  It will also get in you in the best shape of your life.

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