The Evolve Fight Team Is Ready for Battle

We are now on the eve of the historic ONE FC: Pride of a Nation event.  The open workouts, media appearances, and weigh-ins are finished.  The fighters have survived their training camps, countless media interviews, and made their weights.  Now it is their time to shine.  In less than 24 hours these fearless warriors, 22 of them, will step into the cage and lay it all on the line.  The entire Philippine nation is abuzz with anticipation, as is the Asian MMA community. 

The event is set to kick off at 8:30PM tomorrow evening.  Evolve Fight Team members, Mitch “The Dragon" Chilson and Rodrigo Ximbica Ribeiro, will be the 2nd and 3rd fights on the card respectively.  Be sure to tune in and show your support for the Evolve Family.   Check out a few photos from the weigh-ins below.  These guys are ready!

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