UFC 148: It's Personal

We are now less than one week away from one of the most anticipated showdowns in the history of the UFC 148. On July 7th Anderson Silva will defend his middleweight title against his greatest antagonist, Chael Sonnen. In case you haven’t heard, these two guys do not like each other. It is a rivalry that ranks among some of the greatest in the history of sports, and no matter how this weekend plays out will be talked about for years to come. Chael Sonnen has set a whole new standard for trash talk, while Anderson Silva has put together the most dominant winning streak in MMA history. If you aren’t excited for this one, or are even considering not watching, give the below trailer courtesy of the UFC a look. These guys are ready for war this weekend! So get ready, it all goes down on Saturday July 7th at 10:00PM Eastern Standard Time.

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