Tribute to Boxing Legend Mike Tyson

In 1986, the world was introduced to one of the most ferocious heavyweight boxers in the history of the sport when Mike Tyson claimed the WBC Heavyweight World Championship by knocking out Trevor Berbick in brutal fashion. At the time, Mike Tyson was just 20 years old and known by many in the boxing world as Kid Dynamite. He had earned his nickname after winning his first 19 professional fights by way of knockout, 12 of which came in the first round. After defeating Berbick, Kid Dynamite was transformed into the man the world now knows as Iron Mike. For the next 3 years Mike Tyson would rule the heavyweight division with a level of dominance never seen before and not seen since. His blend a raw power, speed, and explosiveness struck absolute fear into the hearts of all his opponents and with good reason. Mike Tyson did not just defeat his opponents; he devastated them. Although his time at the top was brief, Mike Tyson’s legacy will last forever. There have been many great boxers throughout history and there will be many more, but we may never see another heavyweight talent like Mike Tyson again. He was truly something special. Check out the awesome new Mike Tyson short film courtesy of Roots of Fight below. This may inspire you to revisit some of his old fights.

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