The Power of the Hindu Pushup

For thousands of years, the Hindu Pushup has been a featured exercise in the strength and conditioning programs of combat athletes. Originating in ancient India, the Hindu Pushup (known as a dand in India) was first adopted by the great wrestlers of the time. Praised for its phenomenal strength and endurance benefits, it is reported that many of the great combat athletes throughout the Indian and Middle Eastern regions performed these pushups daily, sometimes up to 1,000 repetitions per day. In more recent times, the Hindu Pushup enjoyed a reemergence in the world of mixed martial arts after being advocated by the great Bruce Lee. He spoke of the Hindu Pushup as one of his primary exercises for building upper body strength and endurance that specifically catered towards the practice of martial arts. When performed correctly the Hindu Pushup will strengthen almost the entire body including the wrists, neck, chest, shoulders, arms, hips, and core. It will also greatly improve flexibility and endurance. For those looking for a simple yet extremely effective way to improve strength and endurance, Hindu Pushups may be the answer.

Let’s take a look at a visual demonstration courtesy of martial arts fitness expert Steve Maxwell.

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