Fight Of the Year Candidate?

We recently wrote about the spectacular debut of Invicta Fighting Championships, MMA’s first ever women’s promotion. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, you are truly missing out. One fight in particular has caused quite a bit of chatter, and a few calls for fight of the year candidacy. While it is still a little early to lay claim to that title, the back and forth battle between Leslie Smith and Kaitlin Young is an absolutely must see fight for mixed martial arts fans. These two warriors gave the fans what they came for, laying it all on the line for 3 electrifying rounds. All 8 limbs of Muay Thai were utilized in the stand up battle, wrestling was implemented for takedowns, and BJJ submission attempts were exchanged. It was a true mixed martial arts display. Check out the full fight video below. These two women went to war!

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