Interview with Singapore's 1st Pro MMA Fighter

On September 3, when Radeem Rahman from the Evolve Fight Team steps into the cage for ONE Fighting Championship, he will be the first Singaporean to ever do so in history as a professional MMA fighter. He is representing Singapore in Asia's biggest MMA event. ONE Fighting Championship will be held in the Singapore Indoor Stadium with a media broadcast to 500 million viewers across Asia.

Radeem Rahman, Singapore's 1st Pro MMA Fighter

How's training going?
Training is going very well. I am in excellent shape and we have 4 more weeks to go.

Talk us through a typical day?
I train typically 4-6 hours per day. There are two mandatory sessions of the Fighters Program at Evolve MMA...From 9am to 11am, we do ground and cage work. From 2pm to 4pm, we focus on striking and takedowns. Then I usually join one of our BJJ classes in the evenings.

There are so many different aspects to mixed martial arts. What is your weekly schedule like?
It is varied, depending on what week we are in for our 8 week training camp. The last month of our training camp is focused heavily on raising our cardio performance and technical speed to peak levels. Basically, we train every area of the MMA game...ground, cage, striking, takedowns, cardio, strength and conditioning, everything...

Is the training hard?
It's crazy...yes, it's the hardest thing I've ever done...much tougher than anything I have ever done for National Service in the military.

There are five fighters from Evolve MMA preparing for ONE FC fights. How much does it help having training partners who are fighting on the same date as you?
It helps a lot. The atmosphere during the Fighters Program is very intense. You can feel it in the air...we are all hungry and determined to be the best...I love the feeling...we are brothers chasing our dreams together...under the best teachers and world champions in the world...

How do you feel when you see your photo on a taxi or on the SMRT?
Sometimes I can't believe it. I am grateful to Kru Chatri for giving me the opportunity to be a part of Evolve. Through Evolve, I am able to pursue my dreams.

There will be 12,000 fans cheering for you. Have you thought about it at all? Does it make you excited, or nervous, or both?
Both nervous and excited. I will do my best for Singapore. I want to show the world what a Singaporean fighter can do. I am fighting for my country...for my family...for my brothers and sisters at Evolve MMA.

Do you have to diet to get down to the right weight category? How's that going?
I am careful with my diet. I will have no problems making weight.

What do your friends and family think of you fighting? Have you had a lot of messages of support?
Thankfully, everyone has been supportive of my dreams. I am very lucky.

Any predictions for your fight? Are you hoping for a KO or a submission?
I am prepared for anything...I train with World Champions at Evolve MMA every day. I promise everyone that I will do my best.

Do you have a message for all your Singaporean fans?
I am fighting for you guys. I want to show the world what a great country we are. I will do my best to make you proud.

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