Winners of the Twitter Giveaway!

Here are the winners of today's Twitter Giveaway!  Prizes were gone within 1 minute of disclosing our secret location.  Prizes included Apple iPods, Evolve Fight Team caps, tickets to Martial Combat Fighting Championship, Evolve Fight Team wristbands, and Gold Class movie tickets.   

Join the fun for tomorrow's Twitter Giveaway!  It's very simple.  All you need to do is to show up at the time and location announced on Twitter and you win prizes.

To follow the Evolve Fight Team and earn a chance to win prizes, please go to

Evolve Mixed Martial Arts® is Asia's premier brand of MMA academies.  Evolve MMA ranks among the best academies in the world for Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts.