Student of the Month: Eugene Chua

For the month of September 2013, we are pleased to announce Eugene Chua as the Student of the Month.  Since joining Evolve MMA nearly two years ago, Eugene has completely transformed his life.  He is one of the most dedicated and passionate students in the Evolve Muay Thai Program and a regular at the early morning BJJ classes.

Eugene is living proof of the old saying “age is just a number”.  At 41 years of age, Eugene is in the best shape of his life.  Evolve MMA provides him with the perfect sanctuary for his hectic life as a business manager.  When he is training in Muay Thai or BJJ, his mind is free and the stresses of the outside world no longer matter.  Eugene has embraced the martial arts lifestyle, and he applies it to all aspects of his life.  We look forward to continuing with Eugene on his lifelong martial arts journey.

Please join us in congratulating Eugene on his well deserved Student of the Month honors.  Check out his inspiring story below.

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