UFC 163 Extended Preview (video)

Next weekend on August 3rd the UFC is all set to return to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the home to some of the most passionate mixed martial arts fans in the entire world.  Featured on the card are two of Brazil’s most beloved fighters, Jose Aldo and Lyoto Machida.  Aldo will be defending his featherweight title against Chan Sung Jung aka “The Korean Zombie”.  Both of these guys are known for their incredibly exciting fighting styles, and we can expect this fight to be no different.  Whether standing or on the ground, there are definitely going to be some awesome exchanges.

In an equally exciting matchup, Lyoto Machida will take on Phil Davis in a bout that will have huge implications for the determination of the next number one contender of the UFC light heavyweight division.  There are no secrets as to what each of these fighters game plans will be.  Machida will look to use his elusive and creative striking attacks to pick Davis apart standing.  Davis will be looking to put his elite wrestling pedigree to use early and often as he tries to keep this fight on the ground.  It will be interesting to see which fighter is able to keep the fight in their domain.

In anticipation of UFC 163 next weekend, sit back and enjoy this extended preview of the main event.   Aldo is the clear favorite going in to this bout, but The Korean Zombie has no intention of letting this opportunity to become the first Asian based UFC champion pass him by.

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