Ronda Rousey Takedown Breakdown

Ronda Rousey is the biggest superstar in the history of Women’s MMA, and you could very easily make the argument that she singlehandedly brought women’s MMA into the mainstream and in turn the UFC Octagon.  Since turning professional in 2011, Ronda has put together a perfect 7 fight win streak in which she has finished every single opponent via first round armbar.  This is a truly remarkable accomplishment.

Prior to her arrival in professional mixed martial arts, Rousey was a highly accomplished judokan.  At the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China she won a bronze medal, and herein lies the answer to Rousey’s incredible dominance in MMA.  No one can stop her takedowns and lightning fast transitions to the armbar.  As of yet, no one in Women’s MMA has an answer for Rousey's Judo.

In an attempt to better understand Ronda Rousey’s takedown attacks, BJJ Scout recently released this cool breakdown video.  The video gives excellent insight into how Rousey has been able to adapt her world class Judo skills to mixed martial arts.  There are some very interesting things to be learned from this video.

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