Metamoris II: Estima vs. Vieira (Trailer)

We are now just 4 weeks away from the Metamoris Pro Jiu Jitsu Invitational II.  Shinya Aoki is hard at work at Evolve MMA in Singapore preparing for his main event fight against Kron Gracie.  It is a submission only format and each fight will have a single 20 minute round.  You can bet that under these rules we are going to be treated to some highly entertaining matches.

In one of the events other big match ups, Braulio Estima will take on Rodolfo Vieira.  These guys are two of the very best BJJ practitioners in the world, and anytime they step on the mat it is worth watching very closely.  Check out the awesome trailer for their fight below.  The entire event will be available live streaming.  For more information head on over to

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