Evolve University: Body Lock Takedown

Learning wrestling takedowns is a critical skill set for all aspiring martial artists.  Whether you intend to compete on a professional level or not, as a martial artist you owe it to yourself to master some solid takedown techniques.  Unfortunately, good wrestling instruction can be hard to come by in many parts of the world.  Outside of certain geographical regions, wrestling is virtually non-existent.  However, with the introduction of Evolve University you can now learn world class wrestling no matter where in the world you live.

Check out the below wrestling tutorial from 6 time US National Champion and US Olympian, Heath Sims.  Heath has designed a world class wrestling program for Evolve University, and it is now available to all aspiring martial artists around the world.  In this video, he teaches a high level body lock to knee tap takedown.  This is a takedown that is used effectively on the very highest levels of the sport and is often used in MMA competitions.  For the rest of the Evolve University wrestling videos head on over to WWW.EVOLVE-UNIVERSITY.COM

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