I Am a Fighter

Daniel Cormier is one of the top heavyweight mixed martial artists in the world.  Prior to his career in MMA, Daniel was a highly successful wrestler.  He won 6 U.S. National Freestyle Wrestling titles and twice competed in the Olympics.  It is safe to say that Daniel Cormier is a fighter, and he has been for some time.

In anticipation of Daniel’s upcoming fight on January 12th, Strikeforce recently released a promotional video in which Daniel explains what makes him a fighter.  Interestingly, Daniel describes the defining moment in his career as a personal battle that he was able to overcome through competing.  Being a fighter does not just apply to those who get inside the ring.  Fighters come in all different shapes and sizes, and often fight in their own personal arenas.  Everyone at some point in their life is faced with the choice to stand and fight or curl up and submit.  The strength and courage to fight can come from many places, but one certain path to acquiring this strength is through training in martial arts.  Training in martial arts teaches us to be fighters in life, whatever battles we may face.

Are you a fighter?  Are you prepared for life’s battles?  Check out Daniel Cormier’s inspiring story below.

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