Gracie Breakdown: UFC's TUF 16 Finale

The UFC was quite busy this past weekend putting on not one, but two awesome shows on opposite sides of the globe.  The season finale for The Ultimate Fighter "The Smashes" was held in Sydney, Australia and less than 24 hours later The Ultimate Fighter 16 finale took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Amazingly, they both went down perfectly, and the fighters delivered action packed performances.  For those who weren’t able to catch the shows over the weekend, it is definetly worth setting aside some time this week to check them out.

In this latest installment of the Gracie Breakdown, brothers Rener and Ryron give us a technical analysis of the grappling displayed at the TUF 16 finale.   These breakdowns are always an excellent supplement to the fights and do an excellent job of shedding some light on the intricate details of an MMA fight.  Check it out below.  Keep learning, and always be evolving!

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