A Tribute to Matt Hume: The Wizard

Many of you may be familiar with Matt Hume through his integral role as Head of Operations and Competition for ONE Fighting Championship.  Yet, it was his incredible prowess as a mixed martial artist and submission expert that long ago earned him the nickname of “The Wizard”.  Matt is one of the pioneers in the modern sport of mixed martial arts, and has competed against, trained with, and coached some of the best mixed martial artists in the world.  He has seen and done just about everything in mixed martial arts.  His legendary American Martial Arts Center (AMC) has been called home to such fighters as Josh Barnett, Chris Leben, Matt Brown, Rich Franklin, Demetrious Johnson, and countless others.  Both ONE FC and Asian MMA are extremely fortunate to have Matt in their corner.

Check out this awesome highlight video of Matt during his competitive years.  He was a true force to be reckoned with, and has earned himself a place among the legends of the sport.

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