Weekend War: UFC 143: Condit vs. Diaz

Get ready for UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit, going down this Saturday night in Las Vegas. The winner will be crowned the interim welterweight champion, and secure a date with Georges St. Pierre when he returns from injury. Both Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit are notorious for putting on fast paced, action packed fights, and Saturday night will be no different. This is a huge fight with interesting implications for the future. Georges St. Pierre has stated that he will be rooting for Nick Diaz on Saturday, telling the media that "I want this fight with Diaz so badly, as badly as I wanted the title shot when I got down on my knees." It is no secret that Diaz and St. Pierre do not like each other, and although it is hard to look past this weekends battle, fight fans can't help but be excited about a possible Diaz vs St. Pierre match up down the road. Check out UFC 143 Primetime Episode 2 below, which not only gives an inside look at Diaz and Condit's lives, but in a bit of foreshadowing follows an extremely focused Georges St. Pierre as he recovers from knee surgery.

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