In Remembrance of Boxing Legend Angelo Dundee

Legendary Boxing Coach Angelo Dundee and Muhammad Ali

Angelo Dundee, a true legend and ambassador for the sport of boxing, has passed away at the age of 90. Best known for his work as Muhammad Ali's cornerman, Dundee worked with a total of 15 boxing world champions during his long and impressive career, including names like Sugar Ray Leonard and George Foreman. Under Dundee's guidance Muhammad Ali won the heavyweight title three times. When asked about his work with Ali, Dundee once quipped, "I just put the reflexes in the right direction." He is considered by many to be the greatest motivator in the history of boxing, able to get the very most out of his fighters every time they stepped in the ring. He famously willed Sugar Ray Leonard to a 14th round victory over Thomas Hearns with his oft quoted words, "Your blowing it, son! Your blowing it!" In 1994 Dundee was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. In a career that spanned nearly six decades, Angelo Dundee dedicated his life to the sport of boxing, and he will truly be missed. Rest In Peace Angelo.

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