After a thorough 2 week process of observing and analyzing students at Evolve MMA, the Evolve Instructor Team has selected the following students for both the Evolve Competition Team and the Evolve Athlete Team.  Please note that if your name is not on the list and you would like to be a part of one of the teams, you will get your chance!  The Evolve Instructor Team will be continuously selecting students for the teams as students progress and express a strong desire to represent Evolve in competition.  If you are interested, please be sure to let your instructors know (so that they can continuously assess your skills and invite you onto the teams when you are ready).  To review the requirements and qualifications of the Evolve Competition and Athlete teams, please click here.

Also, please note that the Evolve Instructor Team has nominated long-time Evolve student Papa Rich Wee as the Evolve Team Leader.  In his role, he will help make Evolve an even better family by helping to ensure the highest standards of excellence.  They will act as the guardians of the interests of Evolve Students while also playing a role in helping the Evolve Instructor Team.  Additionally, they will act as the "father figures" for the Evolve Student Body and will be available for any concerns, suggestions, and problems facing our students.  Lastly, they will assist in maintaining the strong family culture at Evolve MMA between all students, instructors, and staff.  

Official Evolve Team Leaders
Heath Sims
Papa Rich Wee

Official Evolve Competition Team
Oliver Kaopichit
Jack Visoky
Charles Lew
Michael Yeung
Shawn Wesley
Mohammad Radeem
Deon Augustine Tan Lun
Kwan BoonChoon

Official Evolve Athlete Team
Julian Goh
Carl Jaeger
David Ye
Winston Quek
Charles Hewitt
Shahryar Sam Ahmed
Charles Galland
Cole Sirucek
Michael Thompson
Janet Lee
Candice Kuok
Faizan Hussein
Jamie Lee
Kerim Oner
Ra Eang
Ashley Chong
Zakiyy Omar
Colin Slider
Shane Mardjuki