The Best Female MMA Fighter in the World

Here is a sample workout by the best female MMA fighter on the planet, Cris Cyborg.  She is the current 145lb Strikeforce World Champion. The reporter in the video clip for this story tries to go through a training regimen with her, but he fails miserably.  It is quite funny to watch.

And if you are a female student at Evolve MMA, please do not worry!  You will NOT end up with a body like Cyborg's by doing martial arts.  Cyborg is heavily rumored to be on steroids and HGH; her unnaturally muscular masculine body frame and super human strength would support that assertion.  She also lifts heavy weights for strength and size.

The professional Evolve Fight Team has a similar strength and conditioning program called FightShape.  When preparing for a fight, the members of the Evolve Fight Team all go through a professional level course of the FightShape system.  To put it mildly, it is living hell that pushes the limits of the anaerobic system completely.  An easy beginner's course of FightShape is offered as part of the course curriculum at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts® for our normal students (ie. non-professional fighters).  The professional version that the Evolve Fight Team goes through is 10x harder and has caused some of our professional fighters to puke - literally.

In any case, you can see what a World Champion does to prepare for a fight in the clip below.  

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