Wrestling: A Key Ingredient for MMA

Wrestling is a critical skillset to possess for any MMA fighter.

Why?  Because wrestling allows you to dictate where the fight takes place.  If you are a striker and want to keep the fight standing, then you will need excellent wrestling in order to prevent takedowns.  If you are a BJJ stylist and want to take the fight to the ground, wrestling skills will enhance your abilities to do so.  One of the reasons why UFC Champion Georges St Pierre is so feared is because he can dictate where a fight takes place.  His striking is A- and his ground game is B+.  But his wrestling is A+.  Of course, he is probably the only MMA fighter who truly "flows" between striking, takedowns, and grappling in the blink of an eye.  While good wrestling is very important, the true MMA stylist will always be trying to improve every aspect of the 4 ranges of combat - kicking range, punching range, clinch/knee/elbow/takedown range, and ground range.  

So to elevate your MMA game, take some wrestling!

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