Who is Evolve MMA?

"evolve [i'volve] verbto undergo continuous change, development, and progress."

Everyone (students, instructors, and staff) at Evolve MMA shares a unique and common bond:  we possess a passion for excellence in everything that we do.  As World Champion and Evolve Instructor Yoddecha Sityodtong always says, "the best attract the best" and "the best produce the best."  Together - students, instructors, and staff - we push each other to become better athletes, we challenge each other to grow as martial artists, and we inspire each other to be the best that we can be as human beings.  We are from all parts of the globe like Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, US, Japan, Korea, UK, Canada, Germany, China, India, Pakistan, Russia, Latvia, Venezuela, Indonesia, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong, and many other countries.  We are dentists, pilots, professional fighters, CEOs, investment bankers, university students, laborers, office managers, doctors, administrative assistants,  oil service engineers, advertising executives, cleaners, immigration officers, investment professionals, video game makers, nurses, entrepreneurs, bankers, logistics specialists, and so much more.

We are all different.  Yet, we are all one - bound by our relentless desire to become the very best person that each of us can be.
Evolve MMA is a family of superstars.  There are 3 main types of students (in no particular order) at Evolve MMA:

a) The Fun Lover
The "Fun Lover" is someone who wants to get fit, stay healthy, learn real self-defense, and make new friends by doing a fun activity.  The choice is simple.  Do something that encourages you to unleash your potential by growing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually or do another boring round on the treadmill at a typical fitness gym.  The "Fun Lover" aspires for something more from himself/herself and demands the very best out of life.  For the "Fun Lover," martial arts is often something new to his/her life.  He/she quickly discovers how empowering martial arts is and how it helps them gain confidence, mental strength, focus, stress release, and so much more.  Of course, all programs at Evolve MMA are designed for peak fitness and weight loss.  In fact, our programs are taught by World Champions and elite Instructors from all over the world with an aim of getting you to become as fit as a fighter and to inherit authentic self-defense skills.  Above all though, the programs at Evolve MMA are focused on unleashing your potential as a human being.

b) The Hobby Warrior
The "Hobby Warrior" is someone who loves martial arts and is addicted to the warrior lifestyle.  Typically, martial arts is the #1 passion in life outside of work for the "Hobby Warrior."  He/she trains 4-5x per week, cannot wait for the next training session, and is addicted to the adrenaline rush.  The "Hobby Warrior" is someone who constantly strives to improve his/her game and loves watching competitions like the UFC or the Mundials.  He/she thinks about martial arts several times a day and is a true martial artist.  In fact, his/her identity is often wrapped up in the martial arts lifestyle.  The "Hobby Warrior" is someone who loves and appreciates being taught by only the very best instructors and fighters in the world.  He/she is typically quite proficient and is capable of handling most self-defense situations already.  The "Hobby Warrior" is a warrior at heart, values authentic training programs, strives to be the best that he/she can be, and is always searching for knowledge.  He/she is typically quite fit, has achieved a level of mental fortitude, and lives for progress and achievement. 

c) The Fighter
The "Fighter" is someone who is typically already an advanced martial artist or seriously dreams of becoming one.  He/she endeavors to be an advanced amateur or professional fighter.  "The Fighter" is someone who enjoys the thrill of pushing the limits and conquering his/her own fears by competing.  He/she trains 2-3x per day at Evolve MMA and fully appreciates being under the tutelage of the World Champions at Evolve MMA.  The best of the "Fighters" are invited to train in the professional Fighters Program at Evolve MMA.  The Fighters Program is a daily training program run by the Evolve Instructors for the Evolve Fight Team and the Evolve Instructors. To become the best, it is critical to learn under the best.  Evolve MMA has recruited the very best World Champions and elite Instructors from around the world.  If you are a serious "Fighter," Evolve is one of the best places to train on the planet.  The Evolve Fight Team has competed and won at the highest levels of competition on the world stage such as the UFC, the Art of War, the Mundials World Championship, and much more.

Evolve is not a gym.  Evolve is not a workout.  Evolve is a way of life.

Here is to striving for our dreams whatever they may be.  Here is to believing that adversity is simply an opportunity to shine.  Here is to becoming the very best person that each of us can be - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Here is to Achieving Greatness Within! 

Evolve Mixed Martial Arts®.  Achieve Greatness Within.