Evolve Competition Team to Expand Its Program!

Evolve Mixed Martial Arts is excited to announce the latest expansion in the Evolve Competition Team program, the official amateur fight team for Asia’s top martial arts organization.  After a very successful year in 2013, we are now looking to take our competition teams to the next level in 2014.  It is our mission to continue building martial arts world champions across every discipline, and we believe that the Evolve Competition Team is the first step in that journey. 

As part of this mission, we are now creating the Evolve Warrior Team.  Although it will fall under the same umbrella as the greater Evolve Competition Team program, members of the Evolve Warrior Team will be held to a much higher standard.  For those that are able to maintain our standards, unique privileges will be extended.

The Evolve Warrior Team is not for the casual martial artist.   We are looking for serious martial artists with a burning passion to compete and succeed.  For those who are invited to join one of our Warrior Team programs, we expect discipline, focus, intensity, and a champion’s work ethic.  The Evolve Warrior Team will provide team members with every opportunity for success on the highest levels of competition.  In return, we expect a high level of commitment to training from our team members.

The requirements to be a part of the Evolve Warrior Team are strict, but for those with the discipline to meet them the benefits will be great.  As part of our new and improved Evolve Competition Team program we are now offering very special privileges for the Evolve Warrior Team members.  These privileges are contingent upon fulfillment of the Evolve Warrior Team requirements.

Requirements for Evolve Warrior Team:

                Attend Evolve Competition Team training sessions every weekend
                Attend a minimum of 6 hours of regular classes per week
                Compete in 3-4 amateur competitions per year

If you are a current member of an Evolve Competition Team and wish to join the Evolve Warrior Team program please speak to your head coach about how you can get started.

The next Evolve Competition Team Tryouts will be held on March 29th and 30th at Evolve’s Far East Square location. The tryouts are open to all Evolve MMA members.  We expect attendance at the tryouts to be high, and the selections for the team will be very competitive.  Please come prepared to work hard.  We want to see your best!

Please take note of the complete Evolve Competition Team Tryouts schedule below:

Saturday March 29 2014
6:00PM to 7:30PM Muay Thai Competition Team Tryouts
7:30PM to 9:00PM Boxing Competition Team Tryouts

Sunday March 30 2014
6:00PM to 7:30PM MMA Competition Team Tryouts
7:30PM to 9:00PM BJJ Competition Team Tryouts

Privileges for the Evolve Warrior Team:

                Special Evolve MMA membership rate
                Opportunity to be invited to join the Evolve Fight Team
                Full time career management for those looking to compete professionally
For more information about the Evolve Competition Team click here.

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