The Warrior Code of Gilbert Melendez

Gilbert Melendez is one of the toughest lightweight fighters on the entire planet.  During his reign as Strikeforce Lightweight World Champion he successfully defended his title 6 times, and prior to that he was the WEC Lightweight World Champion.  Earlier this year Gilbert made his UFC debut, which also happened to be a UFC Lightweight World Championship fight against Benson Henderson.  He lost that fight by a razor tight split decision, but you can bet that we will see Gilbert contending for the title again in the very near future.

As all the world’s top mixed martial artists do, Gilbert Melendez lives his life with a warrior code.  It is a lifestyle, a philosophy, and a way of viewing the world.  In a recent interview with the UFC, Gilbert shared his warrior code and perspective on the fighting life.  Check out what Gilbert had to say in the below video.

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