Evolve University: How to Hold Muay Thai Pads

Properly holding Muay Thai pads is an art unto itself.  There are world-class pad holders that produce world champion fighters, and then there are amateur pad holders that risk injuring their fighters through incorrect technique.  If you are going to hold pads for a fighter, you must invest the time to learn from an experienced professional.   By using incorrect technique you are not only putting your own safety at risk, but also that of the person you are training.

At Evolve University, all of the instructors are world champions with a wealth of experience training elite level fighters.  When they hold Muay Thai pads for a fighter, they do so with a purpose and method that ensures both their safety and their fighter’s safety. 

Check out the below video in which Muay Thai World Champion Orono Wor Petchpun teaches the correct technique for holding Muay Thai pads.  This is mandatory knowledge for anyone who wishes to train fighters and hold Muay Thai pads.

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