Reason to Fight

Unless you have ever competed in a combat martial art, it is very difficult to understand what goes on inside a fighter’s mind.  Although every fighter is different, all will agree that half the battle inside the cage is mental.  Leading up to and during a fight there are countless mental battles that must be overcome.  Being a professional mixed martial artist is without question one of the most difficult jobs there is, and it requires a certain level of mental strength.  Fighters must battle not only with their opponents, but also with themselves.  Some will break and give in, while others will dig deep and find something inside them to push harder and fight back until the very end.

Win, lose, or draw all fighters deserve a measure of respect for doing what very few can or would.  Check out the below video of MMA superstar Chael Sonnen giving some insight on what actually goes on inside a fighter’s mind.  There are so many reasons to give up, but what makes a fighter is the ability to find that one reason not to.

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